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Do you want to publish your own book?
Are you looking for a publisher?

Although we are not a main stream publisher, nor are we a vanity publishing house, we can offer you a full publishing option.

We will do the entire book layout and cover design for you, so that you have a ‘print ready’ book. This means that you can either self publish through us, under the banner of Mind Power Publications if your book fits in with our market, and have your book listed on this site, plus/or on Amazon and Lulu on your own.

PLEASE NOTE: We will ONLY consider Self Help, Inspirational and Business Books!

However, we will also gladly give you a very competitive quote to guide you through your own publishing process and do the entire print ready layout and cover of your book and get you registered on some tops sites. Keen?

For further details, submission requirements and costs, please email our production department with details of your book, by clicking
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